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Versatile cover crop, ideal for farmers.

We are continually developing varieties that have better winter survivability, increased disease resistances, and higher forage quality. When you buy a Mountain View Seeds variety you can be assured that it has been extensively tested at Universities and on farms. Our stringent research and production protocol means you only get the very best.

Ryegrass can be an ideal choice as a cover crop. Annual and Italian Ryegrass, when used as a cover crop can accomplish many objectives for farmers.

Ryegrass provides quick ground cover which provides good erosion control. Ryegrass also helps recycle nutrients and have been show to provide 60-80 lbs of N per acre.

Ryegrass helps keep the nitrogen in the soil profile and available for the following crop. Ryegrass also increase organic matter in the soils improving fertility and water hold capacity. Due to its rapid establishment characteristics, ryegrass can help suppress winter weeds. Ryegrasses extensive and deep root system helps develop pathways for better water infiltration. Ryegrass may also help in soybean cyst nematode control if planted early enough. Ryegrass will also provide high quality forage for grazing in the early spring months.




Centurion is an ideal annual ryegrass choice for dairies, beef and hay operations that need a ryegrass that can perform in multiple roles.

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