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Why the Top Choice™ Forage Program?

Top Choice | Premium Grass Seed

Selecting forage species

Forage grass and legume performance varies depending on environmental conditions. No single forage type or variety is best in all environments. The adaptation of a species or its potential longevity in the filed, is determined greatly by genetic cold-hardiness traits, and its tolerance of other site, soil, and use conditions.

When selecting a forage species, or several species for use in a seed mixture, first consider their appropriateness for the intended use (pasture, hay, etc.) and for the expected longevity on the site.

Among the other factors that affect the suitability of a forage species are: drought tolerance, soil pH level, fertilizer nutrient requirements, soil damage, intensity, and harvest or grazing.

Forage rates
  • Drilling new pastures:
    25 lbs. per acre
  • Broadcasting new pastures:
    30-40 lbs. per acre
  • Renovation/over-seeding
    existing pastures:

    20-25 lbs. per acre
7 easy steps to success
  1. Obtain a soil analysis and improve
    soil conditions
  2. Prepare a firm seed bed with good
    seed-to-soil contact
  3. Plant at 1/8 - 1/4 inch deep
  4. Irrigate if needed
  5. Lightly graze or mow the first time
  6. Fertilize
  7. Renovate

Region specific formulations