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The grass seed production capital of the world.

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Sheltered by Mt. Hood, the Willamette Valley enjoys mellow sunshine, gentle rain and mild winters. It's the grass seed production capital of the world.

In 1946, farmers in Pratum, just east of Salem, founded a co-op to handle the prime seed that grows in our fertile soils. More than a half century later, Mountain View Seeds still reaps the benefits of the outstanding Willamette Valley climate.

In the northern part of the valley, crop rotation and abundant irrigation produce clean, high-quality turf seed.

The grain elevator at the Pratum Co-op has been a Willamette Valley landmark since 1946. For 35 years, the co-op handled public grass seed varieties, adding private varieties in the 1980's. Mountain View Seeds, Ltd., a subsidiary of the Pratum Co-op, was created to manage mounting demand of grass seed production.

At Mountain View Seeds, we rely on experience and people. We know grass seed research, production and processing — after all, we have more than 50 years of experience.

We also take pride in the knowledge and skill of our staff. From research and development to production to order fulfillment, we hire the best... to make buying grass seed easy.

Mountain View's Pratum facility

At Mountain View's Pratum facility, bulk seed goes through three high capacity dump pits. More than a hundred bulk bins hold close to 10 tons of turf seed each day.

Five blenders handle 120,000 pounds of seed per day, and a small package line creates distinctive units weighing between 1 and 15 pounds. Served by rail, the Pratum facility also has 80,000 square feet of warehouse space.