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How should I take care of my lawn?

Ten easy steps to a beautiful new lawn

1.Measure the area to be planted, length x width. Example: 10 ft. times 20 ft. = 200 sq. ft.

2.For new lawn construction, rototill the soil to a depth of 4 - 6 inches. If you have heavy clay soils, apply a soil amendment such as gypsum, peat moss, or compost at the recommended package rates. Soil should be loose and clod free when property prepared.

3.Test the soil with a simple pH soil test kit to check if your soil is acid or alkaline. If acid (a pH of 6 or less) apply a fast acting dolomite lime at the rate of 25 lbs. per 625 sq. ft.

4.Level the seed bed to eliminate high or low spots. Roll to firm the soil.

5.Apply a good seed and sod starter fertilizer as per directions.

6.Sow the grass seed at the recommended rate.

7.Cover the seed with peat moss or seed covering per package directions. Roll the area to place the seed into the soil.

8.Water thoroughly with an oscillating type sprinkler. KEEP MOIST UNTIL GRASS BEGINS TO SHOW (7 - 10 days). Then, decrease watering frequency but increase the length of each watering. This helps ensure a deep rooted, vigorous lawn.

9.New grass seedlings will emerge in 5 - 10 days after seeding. Do not mow until your new lawn is 3" to 4" tall — usually about 3 weeks from time of planting. Be gentle — these plants are very tender. Avoid sharp turns with your lawn mower.

10.After the first mowing, fertilize with a quality lawn food. Do not apply weed & feed fertilizers for at least six weeks.

Overseeding your lawn

The best way to keep your lawn healthy and vigorous is to overseed it every year.

Follow these instructions for the best results:

  • Mow lawn 1/2" to 1" — remove clippings.
  • Rake hard enough to loosen the soil and break apart the thatch. Remove debris.
  • Fertilize with a good starter fertilizer or lawn fertilizer (do not use a weed and feed fertilizer).
  • Apply seed evenly over the entire lawn at the recommended rate.
  • Water — keep soil moist until the new seed germinates. In about three weeks you will have a thicker, rejuvenated lawn.