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Save water with a biodegradable, non-toxic seed.


Benefits of WaterGard®
  • Better results with less water
  • Captures and slowly releases just the right amount of moisture to the seed
  • Improves germination and rate of establishment
Protect and water your seed

WaterGard® is a unique polymer coating for grass seed that is completely biodegradable, nontoxic, odorless and pet-friendly.

WaterGard® seed coating works by capturing, storing and releasing available soil moisture to the seed. As water comes in contact with its soluble matrix expands, encapsulating the seed within a moisture rich environment.

This prolongs the benefits of rain or irrigation events, reducing seedling stress and optimizing plant development. In water stressed areas, WaterGard® can help by creating a healthy microenvironment around the seed holding and releasing available moisture between irrigations. The result is faster germination and establishment of healthy, green lawns.

WaterGard® slowly releases just the right amount of encapsulated moisture in response to enzyme activation and elongation of embryonic cells. The matrix formed by WaterGard® readily rehydrates to store more water as additional moisture enters the seeded area. The process is continually repeated until the seed germinates into a seedling and establishes a root system. The WaterGard® coating eventually biodegrades completely and harmlessly.

WaterGard® coated grass seed is approximately twice the weight of bare seed. WaterGard® coated seed will broadcast more uniformly and penetrate ground cover more effectively than raw seed. This provides better contact with the seedbed improving germination and rate of establishment.

The WaterGard® coating, although nontoxic, is not particularly palatable to birds. This makes it less likely to be attractive as a food source.

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